Mortgage Process

Mortgage Calculator

This incredible resource can help you determine an estimated monthly payment on your mortgage when you input multiple variables about your down payment, home price, and other information on the home and your loan type.

Mortgage Checklist

The paperwork required for a mortgage doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Putting together your mortgage checklist should be simple and easy. In an effort to help you organize the personal documents you’ll need to obtain a home loan, here’s a list of information that is typically required during the loan process:

Mortgage Do's and Don'ts

Ready to apply for a mortgage and start looking for your dream home? Let’s make sure you’ve navigated the first steps: understanding mortgage rateslearning the loan types, and reviewing the steps in the loan process. Now, you’re ready to apply for a mortgage and make an offer on your dream home. Sounds like a cause for celebration! But, before you pop the champagne and start with the redecorating ideas, let’s talk about the Do’s and Don’ts of applying for a mortgage and buying a home.

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